Steve Marshall Construction Services

Ponds and Fountains

There is nothing as soothing as the sound of moving water.  We install a wide range of fountains and design the areas surrounding them to create tranquil places for the family. Our company maintains contact with suppliers of beautiful fountains that are truly works of art. Some are imported from Europe and really give an upscale look to the garden or courtyard area. There are many options in addition to the traditional yard fountains with pool base. A  wall mounted exterior fountain works well in a smaller courtyard area. In homes where a wall insert is available in the entry or great room, an interior fountain with a "waterfall" effect is spectacular. 

Retaining Walls

The reality of protecting a home's foundation can be an opportunity for an eye-catching addition to the curb appeal of the property. The brick products produced for this purpose can be chosen to coordinate with the homes exterior. An additional choice would be natural or fabricated stone. In some cases retaining walls are built to compliment a landscape design. Clients living next to a lake or river often have a yard that slopes down to the waters edge. The "old world" look of a terraced cobblestone retaining wall with a walkway serves a purpose that is both useful and charming.

Decks and Patios

The first step in creating a functional and relaxing back yard is a deck or patio. Flagstone is the perfect material for summer enjoyment. It doesn't absorb as much of the sun's heat as some material can. It stays cooler underfoot and lends a "tropical resort" look when used all around your pool. For a more formal look, a wide variety of pavers are available in all colors and sizes. The multitude of layout designs using pavers is an attractive feature to many clients. Imagination is encouraged as we consult with our clients. A custom designed treated wood deck surrounding a hot tub or favorite tree is often requested. Multi-level decks are very impressive. It's also a good idea to add benches around two or more sides if space permits.

Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces

Whether you enjoy grilling juicy steaks for the family or entertaining friends around the pool, an outdoor kitchen is a great convenience. The most complete setups have everything needed to prepare and serve the meal. A gas or charcoal grill, mini refrigerator, sinks, cabinet and drawer spaces, and electrical wiring for that all important blender. The counter top can be done in a coordinating tile or granite to bring in existing colors. The choices for the facing range from brick to natural stone or Hardi-Plank painted to match the existing house. Some clients desire simply a Barbecue grill / Smoker combo. These are finished with the customers choice of natural stone or brick. The quality of meat slow smoked on these units is outstanding.

Shade Structures

In the heat of the summer a shade structure can make all the difference in your back yard enjoyment. The structures range from a common lattice type attachment, to arbors, gazebos and exotic thatched umbrellas. Some companies will offer just a few basic designs for their shade structures. Our company believes in getting the client involved in designing their own custom look. Clients can also choose to combine the shade structure with a multi-level deck to give a smooth flowing effect.

Stone Construction

Interior or exterior stone work lends a unique look to any home. Some ideas for adding stone accents to your home are:  surrounding your fireplace and adjoining wall with stone for that "lodge" look , facing the front of the kitchen island in a stone which compliments the existing countertops, using flagstone for flooring instead of tile, and in the bath around the shower and Jacuzzi. The most natural place for stone work is surrounding a pool. Combined with a waterfall and lush landscaping the stone work helps to create that "resort" atmosphere that is so inviting. Even a simple flagstone walkway is a useful and economical way to add to the appeal of the exterior of the home.

Marble and Tile

For a beautiful finish that is practically indestructible and easy to care for, choose marble or ceramic tile for countertops or flooring in the home. There are products available for any budget. From rare and exclusive imported tiles, to a wide choice of products that are more affordable but just as impressive. Each comes in hundreds of color and texture choices. Our association with various wholesale tile and marble dealers gives us the opportunity to bring all of these options directly to the customer.  


The level of quality offered by our company, along with the mutual respect of our many business contacts has allowed us to participate in demanding and creative commercial projects. Some of these include: theme parks, universities, churches, professional buildings and apartment complexes.  The qualifications these projects demand in professional conduct, insurance coverage, and safety codes are strictly adhered to. These same standards are also in place when smaller residential jobs are performed.